Wild Communion is a place where we invite you to sink into your experience with the natural world. Here, you can participate in a retreat, as a group, or alone. You can attend a local Wild church. You can join the online community of Sophia Speaks. Or, simply read blog entries or watch recordings. We welcome you to partake of whatever you wish, and allow for your lived experience to determine your words. Wild Communion seeks to be inclusive in every way, honoring each person's perspectives. 



How the natural world speaks to you is personal. We each have stories to share and here, there are those who want to listen. The mirror of the natural world is alive in each of us, as much as we allow. Let's open ourselves to the teachings that come to us through our senses and without words. 






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About Me

Christy grew up in Midwest farm country. The oldest daughter in a big, beautiful family, she learned well what was expected of her and followed suit. Hard work, music training, homemaking and care for others, young and old, were the focuses of her young life. In the spaces between, her time was in the gardens, reading, soaking up any available sunshine, walking the creek, or taking long bike rides on country roads.


She spent her early adulthood studying opera and German, as an au pair in Austria, teaching English in Prague and teaching music and performing while enjoying small-town life in the Midwest between adventures while becoming a mother.


She chose to home school her 4 children, living on hobby farm-with goats, chickens and ducks, a multitude of barn cats and Molly, a German Shepherd mix. These years provided a lot of time for chasing “squirrels”, exploring every avenue of curiosity that arose with her children. Then, going back to school at 42, she found that with her interests in religion, the spirit, and the natural world came a constant flow of energy.


She has now founded and directs a music school at her local YMCA and has finished a B.S. in Environmental Studies and Religious Studies.

She is enrolled and working on an MDiv, focusing on Eco-theology and how human's relationship with the earth can be healed by an evolving theology.

As a certified forest therapy guide and owner of Wild Communion, she has traveled to and worked in many forests throughout the world, each offering their own kind of support and love. This work has helped her to find her voice, her commitment to herself and others, and solidify her desire to be of service to all of the beings of the earth.

Image by Jeffrey Hamilton