4 Mirrors to the Soul

June 7-11  

Elohee Retreat Center

Sautee Nacoochee, GA, USA

In 4 Mirrors to the Soul, we explore the 4 ways we learn about ourselves throughout our lives.


We will do self-reflective journaling, artwork, and spend a large quantity of time in the out-of-doors with invitations to interact with the Earth. This retreat is focused on the ways we see ourselves; from the mirrors of self, our close family and friends, our communities and ideologies, and the Earth herself.


Time spent within each of these will help to do the work of revealing our Selves. That core Self will show us where we will can stand firm in our strengths, be honest about our needs, and love ourselves into emotional, physical, and spiritual wholeness.


We hope that as you depart, you will take the skill of listening and looking into each of these mirrors and they will guide you into a deeper knowing and feeling of being You.