Sophia Speaks Online Community


Welcome to Sophia Speaks!

Here, we are forming an online community for anyone and everyone who is interested in the conversation around the natural world and the Divine. The mirror of the natural world is one that often speaks to our hearts in a way that we cannot deny. The truth, raw and unhindered, comes to us through our experiences there.


Each week, Sophia Speaks holds an online gathering where everyone is invited, around themes that we choose together. We have special guests, authors, and teachers join us as well. As we grow, our offerings will as well. Our first book club meetings begins soon.

This next summer, community members will be encouraged to attend the in-person gathering at Crestone Mountain Zen Center. That will be our very first gathering. We hope you come and explore what we are offering here. Please be aware that you will never be required to share your experiences. We only hope that you will feel this is a space that is safe-even sacred. Please join us!