Wild Church


Wild Communion's Wild Church gathering is registered with the Wild Church Network. Along with all of the other organizations registered, our gathering is an inclusive space. Our gatherings will be based in contemplation, with journaling, ephemeral art, poetry readings, communion, and meaningful ceremony at the center. We will also plan outings, like hikes, river floats and community service. We are especially excited to have special guests join us, introduce themselves, and share their personal stories about how their relationship with the land has helped them better feel the presence of the Divine.

We will meet monthly, on Sunday afternoons, for just an hour or so. We hope you will join us. Dates will be posted online on Facebook at the Wild Communion Gathering Group and Wild Communion page. Our gathering places will include Morsches Park in Columbia City, Indiana and the Forks of the Wabash in Huntington, IN.


At times when retreats are held, wild church gatherings will occur on site on Sunday afternoons before the retreat. The public is always welcome. Please bring a camp chair, a journal, and your open heart and mind!